jack wesson - guitar

Jack Wesson is seventeen and takes the stage for Land/Divided with guitar in hand, a passion for music, and an appreciation for rock history you might normally see in someone five times his age. 

Like so many of the rock and roll greats throughout history, Jack plays on a Fender Telecaster. He says it has “a real punch and snappy sound that I love”, and that it feels like an extension of himself when he picks it up. As he continues discussing his choice of guitar you begin to see the artist in him coming out: “It also has a really simplistic, meat and potatoes design that forces me to think outside of the box with my playing sometimes.” He enjoys molding his technique around the tool he has, to get the sound he wants; that is a dedicated musician.

His influences span from classic rock, to pop, and even hip hop; though the largest influence on his playing has been Brian May of Queen.  When speaking of Brian May, Jack says, “His sense of melody, harmony, feel, and songwriting are unmatched as far as I’m concerned. When I hear the words “guitar” or “guitar solo”, Brian May is the first thing that comes to mind.”

When asked who he’d like to play with if he could go back in time, Jack’s answer is surprisingly humble: “I’d like to keep the legendary guitar spots to the legends, but I’ve always loved the idea of being a part of a backing band for somebody, something along the lines of Prince and the Revolution or Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids. Some of the musicians in bands like those are the best players that you’ve never heard of.” The central idea he packs into that statement is that he just wants to be great at playing music, not necessarily famous for the sake of being famous…but great for the sake of being great. That idea he carries in his heart is one more reason Land/Divided has been such a success.