Jacob Turner is the sixteen year old drummer and backing vocalist that drives Land/Divided. Off stage Jacob is quiet and reserved but behind the drum kit, he is insanely powerful with so much energy that thundering acoustics might be the best description for what he brings to the stage.

He plays DW drums because they accommodate his powerful style and the sound and feel fit him perfectly. Like many musicians, he is most comfortable expressing himself with his music. The drums are his tool and the beat is his voice.  

Once you get past the powerful way Jacob plays, you can get a better sense of who he is by listening to his influences. Jacob is a drummer but he’s also an artist at heart. Consider this quote from Jacob, “I learned how to speak to an audience in a genuine way that wasn’t vocal but was still understood and enjoyable. I discovered I could say anything I felt, make it real and have people see exactly what I was going through with my playing. It’s the same way that when I hear songs like 'Love Bites' and 'Purple Rain' I want to cry. Why? Because that’s real human emotion captured in ‘words and music’. People relate to what’s real and they are moved by raw emotion. That’s why I love playing music because it’s a language that connects a crowd by emotion and feeling and it transcends everything.” Digging deeper into Jacob’s influences, he appreciates the way Queen put on larger than life shows and had monumental influence on rock history. He likes the extravagance of it all - the show, the magnificence reflected in their concert footage. At the same time, Jacob speaks of Toto’s drummer Jeff Porcaro and praises him for the brilliance of his pure talent, technique, and his "feel, class, and absolute genius behind the drums”.  

Jacob just sees the full picture, understanding that music can be a voice and with the right sense of technique, style and art, music can be raised to the level of epic greatness his influences have achieved. He is sixteen years old and this is his vision.  There is no one better to be chasing the Rock-n-Roll dream than this young man and this band.