At twenty one years old, Nick Ireland is the eldest member of Land/Divided.  Unlike many you’ll meet at his age, he’s quiet, funny, humble, intelligent and can really play a guitar. This is a young man whose path to music is genetic.  He comes from a long line of musicians. His grandfather helped co-found Ardent Recording Studios in Memphis, TN, and his father and brother are also accomplished musicians.  For Nick, music is life - music is family. 

As is the case with many musicians - for Nick, music is both a way to express himself and acts as a safe haven into which he can retreat when he needs to de-stress.  When you look past the calm exterior he shows the world, there are clues that show you glimpses of his inner rock star.  He describes the guitar as an extension of his soul that allows him another avenue of communication.  He says that while he’s a quiet guy, the guitar gives him “the loudest voice possible on stage.” 

When he was asked about the one band he’d like to have played with in history, his answer was, “I would have loved to be in the early days of KISS! Watching that old concert footage from their peak in the 1970s is the epitome of Rock-n-Roll to me.” Nick is a low key, humble guy who deep inside is powered by visions of one of the most over the top, epic American rock bands ever.  

Thinking of how Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS looked off-stage, then marveling at the transformations they made getting into character, with painted faces and eccentric costumes and then absolutely rocking stadiums around the world; it’s an interesting dichotomy that exists in that vision as well as the one that’s echoed in Nick’s personality and the approach to his playing. He wants to sling that guitar on and give you a rock show to remember. Come see Nick with Land/Divided.