As a member of Land/Divided, Zach Perry serves as the band’s bassist and as one of its backing vocalists. Memphis-born and raised, he blames his lifelong quirkiness on his Friday the 13th birthday (October 13th).

While bass guitar is his instrument of choice, he claims intimate familiarity with other stringed instruments and is equally comfortable performing classical music on his cello as part of an orchestra, or strumming an acoustic guitar while sitting around a campfire.

Influences ranging from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, and The Smashing Pumpkins to The Four Tops, The Brothers Johnson and Al Green, have molded him into a musician who can’t be easily pigeonholed. After all, how can you characterize a guy whose dream gig would be to play bass for either the Foo Fighters or the “original” J.B.’s (James Brown’s) band?!  The chasm that exists between the Godfather of Soul and one of the hardest driving rock bands to ever roam the open roads is enormous, but Zach is a musician willing to happily span that gap.  

Watch for Zach in the background at the next Land/Divided show. He’ll most likely be joking with the drummer or messing around with a guitarist, but be assured that he’ll be doing it while rhythmically driving whatever song the band is playing. With his Fender Jazz strapped around his neck and a grin on his face, he is usually bouncing around the stage just like his notes are bouncing through the music itself.